Hi everyone! i havent done a fashion blog in a bit so heres one! my favorite color this season is mustard yellow so i’m wearing this plain t shirt from forever 21 and a button up skirt, also from forever 21. I thought the two colors, mustard yellow and sort of a forest green color with my brown ankle boots from Bakers would be a good match for fall! since it’s still fall.. but since its getting colder i went crazy and got this awesome mustard yellow beanie today and im so excited. along that are these cute mittens for only 9.95 from h&m. they are so warm too. i highly suggest for everyone to look at h&m’s winter clothing line im so excited for the winter!

i’m also really happy just because i finally got things figured out and im really looking foward to finally moving out next semester and transfer to college (finally) and just start my life. I want to to teach art and i’m really excited i have a goal. so all in all HAPPY BLOG!! 

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